Examples of areas that we are keen to receive your valuable feedback on are outlined below. However, please feel free to comment on any aspect of our EQA services. Your feedback is very important to us and will help us to improve our service to you.

Our interaction with participants

  • Joining / signing-up to EQA programmes
  • E-mail notifications of specimen dispatch / report publication
  • Information on the Birmingham Quality website (http://birminghamquality.org.uk)
  • Entering your results online
  • Viewing your reports online
  • Updating your information (methods, contact e-mail addresses etc)
  • Responses to telephone enquiries
  • Should we use other forms of social media to communicate with participants? e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc
  • Meetings / training days
  • Invoicing
  • Payment

EQA specimens

  • Number of specimens per distribution
  • Frequency of distribution
  • Type of material provided
  • Volume of material provided (scheme-specific)
  • Sample tubes
  • Packaging
  • Mechanism of delivery (postal service etc)
  • Information on results documents
  • Booking-in process

EQA programmes

  • Are there any additional programmes / analytes that you would like us to provide EQA services for?
  • What could we do to improve / enhance any of our existing EQA programmes?
  • Interpretative EQA programmes e.g. UK NEQAS for Interpretative Comments
  • Fees

EQA reports

  • Information contained in the report e.g. tables, statistics (mean, SD, CV%, median, IQR) etc
  • Information about your performance e.g. Participation Summary page, numerical scores (ABC of EQA), traffic lights, colour-coded symbols, etc
  • Graphs (e.g. histograms, pie charts, penalty box plots etc)
  • Network reports

Problem solving

  • Notification of (poor) performance
  • Availability / usefulness of help and advice from Birmingham Quality

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