Scheme Information Sheets

UK NEQAS for Plasma Metanephrines

Scheme Particulars Indicative Details
Accreditation body UKAS
ISO/IEC Accreditation status ISO/IEC 17043:2010
UKAS Accredited Proficiency Testing Provider No 7860
Objective of Scheme Provides EQA coverage for Plasma Metanephrines, this includes the anaytes Metanephrine, Normetanephrones and 3 Methoyxtyramine. The plasma metanephrines test is used for the presumptive diagnosis of catecholamine-secreting phaeochromocytomas or paragangliomas. The measurement of plasma metanephrines has been shown to be a highly sensitive test for the detection of phaeochromocytoma – a negative test result virtually rules out the diagnosis.

Testing may also be used when a tumour has been treated or removed to monitor for recurrence.

The scheme provides both endogenous and manipulated Lyphophised specimens to cover both the normal and pathological concentration ranges
Pre-, Analytical, Post- status Analytical
Number of distributions per year (nominal) 11
Specimens per distribution 3
Number of Specimens per annum 33
Frequency of distribution Monthly
Scoring system ABC
Material distributed Pooled, Lyophilised human Plasma with or without exogenous added analyte
Programme Director(s) / Organiser(s) Finlay MacKenzie
Criteria for participation All, but overseas by courier
Nominal sample volume (mL) 1.1
Sample presentation TACs All analytes in the same tube
Data in Chemistry on-line Dashboard Yes
Analyte Approx Range Default Units Target Value B Score Limit (%) C Score Limit (%)
Plasma 3-methoxytyr 50 – 4000 pmol/L ALTM 25.0 30.0
Plasma met 50 – 4000 pmol/L ALTM 25.0 30.0
Plasma normet 50 – 4000 pmol/L ALTM 25.0 30.0
Abbreviation Expansion
ALTM All Laboratory Trimmed Mean
GLTM Group Laboratory Trimmed Mean – which is the Method Principle Mean
MLTM Method Laboratory Trimmed Mean – usually a manufacturer system / analyser mean
XALTM An external value that may be from a Reference Method System
OGLTM A Method Principle Mean used as the target for all laboratories
OMLTM A specific Method Mean used as a target for all laboratories
MED Median

Please use the sign up form to register your interest in this scheme (quoting your UK NEQAS Laboratory ID where available). We would encourage you to provide us with details of which analytes you measure and the analyser and ‘kit’ (reagent and calibrator) you are using. This will help us tailor the scheme to your needs.

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