Scheme Information Sheets

UK NEQAS for Thyroid Hormones

Scheme Particulars Indicative Details
Accreditation body UKAS
ISO/IEC Accreditation status ISO/IEC 17043:2010
UKAS Accredited Proficiency Testing Provider No 7860
Objective of Scheme Provides EQA coverage for Thyroid assays. The Scheme distributes a number of endogenous and manipulated specimens using different sources of TSH to fully probe the specificity and accuracy of Thyroid assays.

A separate specimen is provided for Total T4 and Total T3 to allow more targetted concentrations for these assays
Pre-, Analytical, Post- status Analytical
Number of distributions per year (nominal) 11
Specimens per distribution 3
Number of Specimens per annum 33
Frequency of distribution Monthly
Scoring system ABC
Material distributed Pooled, liquid human serum with or without exogenous added analyte
Programme Director(s) / Organiser(s) Finlay MacKenzie
Criteria for participation All, but overseas by courier
Nominal sample volume (mL) 0.5
Sample presentation TACs The Total Hormones are in a separate tube to TSH and the Free Hormones
Data in Chemistry on-line Dashboard Yes
Analyte Approx Range Default Units Target Value B Score Limit (%) C Score Limit (%)
Free T3 1 – 18 pmol/L MLTM 7.5 10.0
Free T4 2 – 60 pmol/L MLTM 5.0 10.0
Total T3 0.4 – 6 nmol/L ALTM 15.0 15.0
Total T4 10 – 280 nmol/L ALTM 10.0 10.0
TSH 0 – 36 mU/L ALTM 12.5 10.0
Abbreviation Expansion
ALTM All Laboratory Trimmed Mean
GLTM Group Laboratory Trimmed Mean – which is the Method Principle Mean
MLTM Method Laboratory Trimmed Mean – usually a manufacturer system / analyser mean
XALTM An external value that may be from a Reference Method System
OGLTM A Method Principle Mean used as the target for all laboratories
OMLTM A specific Method Mean used as a target for all laboratories
MED Median

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