Scheme Information Sheets

UK NEQAS for Intrinsic Factor Antibodies

Scheme Particulars Indicative Details
Accreditation body UKAS
ISO/IEC Accreditation status ISO/IEC 17043:2010
UKAS Accredited Proficiency Testing Provider No 7860
Objective of Scheme Provides EQA coverage for analytical and interpretative assessment if intrinsic factor antibody status which assists in the diagnosis of pernicious anaemia
Pre-, Analytical, Post- status Analytical/Post
Number of distributions per year (nominal) 4
Specimens per distribution 3
Number of Specimens per annum 12
Frequency of distribution Quarterly
Scoring system IQR and interpretation
Material distributed Single/pooled donations of liquid human serum. Positive serum sometimes diluted to achieve borderline results
Programme Director(s) / Organiser(s) Finlay MacKenzie
Criteria for participation All, but overseas by courier
Nominal sample volume (mL) 0.4
Sample presentation TACs All analytes in the same tube
Data in Chemistry on-line Dashboard Yes
Analyte Approx Range Default Units Target Value B Score Limit (%) C Score Limit (%)
IF Ab Interpretation ~ N,E or P ~ ~ ~
Intrinsic Factor Ab 0.5 – 200.5 units MLTM ~ ~
Abbreviation Expansion
ALTM All Laboratory Trimmed Mean
GLTM Group Laboratory Trimmed Mean – which is the Method Principle Mean
MLTM Method Laboratory Trimmed Mean – usually a manufacturer system / analyser mean
XALTM An external value that may be from a Reference Method System
OGLTM A Method Principle Mean used as the target for all laboratories
OMLTM A specific Method Mean used as a target for all laboratories
MED Median

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