This Scheme not only assesses the common three analytical parameters which can affect the validity of assay results, but also will look at the effect of serum indices on a range of analytes, both at the analyte level and the effect on reporting.

Scheme Particulars Indicative Details
Number of distributions per year (nominal) 12
Specimens per distribution 3
Frequency of distribution Monthly
Material distributed Human Serum
Sample volume (mL) 0.4
Programme Director(s) / Organiser(s) Jane French (acting)

This scheme is currently not accredited.

Analyte Approximate Range Default Scheme Units
Analyte ‘X’ “units”
Analyte ‘X’ Interpretation
Haemolysis Index 0 – 20 g/L
Haemolysis Category
Icterus Index 0 – 1000 µmol/L
Icterus Category
Lipaemia Index 0 – 20 mmol/L
Lipaemia Category
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