Birmingham Quality will be launching a new pilot EQA programme for faecal pancreatic elastase in December 2016.

We understand that in order to accurately reflect laboratory practices, EQA specimens should be in the same matrix as patient samples wherever possible. For this reason, we will be using genuine patient samples for this scheme.

The faecal pancreatic elastase EQA programme will cover pre‐analytical processes as well as analytical processes.

Scheme Particulars Indicative Details
Number of distributions per year (nominal) 12
Specimens per distribution 3
Frequency of distribution Monthly
Material distributed Human faeces
Sample volume (mL) pea‐sized amount
Programme Director(s) / Organiser(s) Jane French

We will be sending samples from a wide range of patients including patients with severe pancreatic insufficiency to normal patient values.

This scheme is currently not accredited.

Analyte Approximate Range Default Scheme Units
Faecal Pancreatic Elastase severe insufficiency – normal µg/g

Please use the sign up form to register your interest in this scheme (quoting your UK NEQAS Laboratory ID where available).

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